How it works

Managed hosting. Solid foundations.

Skpr is a Drupal hosting solution that leverages Kubernetes and AWS Cloud. The result is a mature, highly performant platform equipped with a powerful set of tools.

Our experts manage these complex platform services, enabling development teams to ship and run their applications with ease.


Automatic, elastic infrastructure.

Deploy your portfolio of projects onto Skpr and we will automatically manage site scaling for you, setting you up to sail smoothly through high-traffic events.
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Highly available

100% reliable.

Behind the scenes, AWS resources are deployed across multiple availability zones, meaning zero fuss and zero downtime.

For extra peace of mind, you can restore on-demand with automated backups.

Secure. Reassurance at every step.

Full stack security

We keep your digital assets safe 24/7. Best practice protocols and encryption are applied at every level–from edge to application to database.

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Decoupled Secrets

Our powerful configuration system lets you decouple config from code, update on-the-fly, and protect sensitive values from accidental exposure.

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For all your applications.

Consolidate your portfolio onto one unified platform. It’s a smart, end-to-end solution that future-proofs your evolving hosting needs.


Works with your tools.

Whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or Linux, developing with VS Code or JetBrains, or deploying with Github, Bitbucket or CircleCI, we’ve got your back.

Avoid the headache of changing what works for you and bring your preferred tools, products and services to the party.


Developer-first experience.

Remove the friction, and benefit from simplified workflows. Skpr’s command-line native interface meets your team where they do their best work.

It also integrates with your chosen CI/CD infrastructure to ensure consistency and enhance existing workflows.


Advanced site monitoring.

Stay in control and maintain transparency with unlimited access to dashboards. You’ll receive real-time insights, alerts, reporting and cluster monitoring.

We equip you with the best tools to diagnose and optimise applications on the fly and offer customisable options at every step.

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