The benefits of hosting on Skpr


Command Line Native

Skpr treats developers as first class citizens within the hosting environment, providing powerful command line tools for them to diagnose and optimise applications on the fly.

Integrate Anywhere

Skpr’s design provides seamless integration with the CI/CD pipeline and version control systems of your choice.

Real-time Insights

Metrics and logs provide you with insight into the current state of all your applications, allowing developers to optimise performance on the fly.


Secure Workflows

All environments use encryption in transit and at rest to protect your data. Developers can take advantage of sanitised database containers for local development environments.

Decoupled Secrets

Skpr provides a powerful configuration system allowing you to decouple config from code, update values on-the-fly, and protect sensitive values from accidental exposure.

Managed Certificates

Skpr allows developers to easily provision, manage, and deploy TLS certificates. A process which previously was operationally laborious.


Class-leading Performance

Skpr provides true auto-scaling on highly available infrastructure and leverages managed AWS cloud services such as Kubernetes, RDS MySQL and EFS shared file systems.

Solid Foundations

Skpr is built on Kubernetes (K8s) and AWS cloud infrastructure for highly available deployments and sophisticated workflows. Kubernetes is an open-source system for orchestrating containerised applications and combines 15 years of running workloads at Google with best-of-breed practices from the open-source community.

Standards Compliant

As Skpr runs on AWS infrastructure, it complies with the standards required to run government websites.

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