Announcing SPX Support for Performance Profiling

By Nick Schuch28th February 2024

What is performance profiling

Performance profiling is the process of reviewing and debugging applications for bottlenecks and inefficiencies for areas of improvement.

Excellent examples of application performance testing tools typically come in the form of a paid subscription e.g.

While on the Open Source side, popular tools such as Xdebug are missing features such as a web interface for analysing performance data.


SPX is one tool in this area which hits the sweet spot by not only being Open Source, but also providing a holistic out of the box performance profiling solution.

SPX offers a great web interface for analysing performance data whether it comes from a web request or a command line execution.

Animated image showing SPX web console

Installed by default

Today we are happy to announce that SPX is installed and configured by default in our local development images. Enabling development teams to immediately start profiling their mission critical performance bottlenecks with zero setup.

Your Next Steps

Please read the documentation for more information on how to get started today.


Local Development

Getting Started

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