Multi-Arch Docker Images

By Kim Pepper8 March 2022

We are now shipping v2 of our base Docker images which provide multi-architecture support for both amd64 and arm64.

Apple Silicon Support

Developers who are using Apple Silicon for local development can now take advantage of the performance of arm64 images without the need for Rosetta 2 translation layer to run them.

Nginx for Drupal

The v2 images made some other improvements for local Drupal development. Nginx now has a specific Drupal image skpr/nginx-drupal for proxying to Drupal running on PHP-FPM. This means we'll be able to support different versions of Nginx config for different applications (e.g. Symfony, Laravel, Node.js)

XDebug 3 & PHP 8.1

We now ship XDebug 3 for our development images (e.g. skpr/php-fpm:8.0-dev-v2-latest). Xdebug 3 has significant performance improvements, so we no longer need two separate dev and xdebug images. This has simplified our standard docker-compose config.

Additionally, we are now shipping PHP 8.1 in our v2 images.

New Source Repos

In order to simplify our build processes, the v2 images have been split out into their own Github repos: image-nginx, image-php, image-opensearch, image-node.

This new structure should allow us to continue to support new image types and variations.


apple silicon

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